The Beyond Asian team is made up of passionate artists from the third culture who feel that the stories shared are important

We are a young and growing podcast. If you appreciate our work - reach out to us!

Sen Zhan

Podcast host & Producer

Sen is a lifelong immigrant and traveler who found solace after discovering the term “Third Culture”. She started her journey on this planet in Daqing, China. As a result of the political unrest following the 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacres, her family sought to make a new home in Canada. Since then, her path has led to her living in Calgary, Montreal, Wuhan, and Berlin.

Sen is a storyteller who believes that when we tell our histories, we find the lost threads that lead us back to ourselves. By retracing our memories, we draw the through lines of meaning that lead from the past to the present and draw us forward to the future.

This podcast is her way to begin re-approaching her past, aided by the bravery and wisdom of her diverse guests, who carry their Third Culture Asian stories with ownership and pride.

Miholyn soon

Creative Strategist & Web Designer

Miholyn is a UX UI designer & storyteller based in Berlin. Living across Asia, Europe and America, the third culture is at the centre of her identity and a driving force of her work.

Her background in storytelling, social sciences and working with refugees and migrants has also strongly informed her interest and empathy in understanding and analysing human behaviour across different societies and mindsets, while implementing creative solutions to engage people.

Ciccio Coppola

3D Designer

Ciccio is an Animator born and bred in London. As a mixed Malaysian Chinese and Italian he has faced questions of Third Culture with a learned curiosity. His fascination with identity led him to studying Modern Chinese history, philosophy and politics. Ciccio combines abstract 2D and 3D natural textures with his artistry in traditional animation software. He wants to communicate sensations of consciousness and memory. Taking his global background in business, his ambition is to engage this kind of storytelling, with innovative businesses and communities.

You can follow Ciccio’s journey on his Instagram & Medium.

Ramiar Farajpour

Web Design & Developer

Ramiar is a Kurdish-Iranian tattoo artist turned designer/ developer based in Berlin & Athens. With his background as a tattoo artist, Ramiar loves the process of integrating creativity with interaction design. His obsession with technology also drives his love for experimenting how far limitations can be pushed in his development work. As a front-end developer and web designer his previous experience with a wide variety of creative tools have made it easy to work with large design teams and able to communicate ideas effectively and boost the team's workflow.

Alexander Heller

Marketing Director

Growing up in the multicultural San Francisco Bay Area, Alex yearned to be familiar with the experience of her third culture friends. Later in life she moved from place to place as a way to discover which parts of her were her environment and which parts were intrinsic to herself. She is excited to join Beyond Asian and help spread the stories of those whose selves bridge culture, identity, and place; and to foster a sense of belonging for those who can’t call any single identity home.With over a decade of marketing experience, Alex's life quest is to spread important ideas.

She blogs on books and the experience of living at her website